Oh Where, Oh Where Have My Ladybugs Gone?


Grow­ing up my par­ents did a lot of gar­den­ing and every time we went to the nurs­ery, with­out fail, I found my way to the con­tain­ers of lady­bugs. These lady­bugs in the­ory were great for the gar­den and ‘could fix just about any aphid prob­lem’. Occa­sion­ally I would luck out and find myself the recipient […]


Methane Madness

Every day some news story con­tains infor­ma­tion on global warm­ing and green­house gasses what they are, where they come from, and what their impact is. Despite all the cov­er­age, peo­ple are still in the dark about many of the cul­prits of global warm­ing. Let’s explore my favorite green­house gas and one of the offend­ers responsible […]


Bug Bites

I like to eat bugs.  Moths, meal worms, grasshop­pers, if they were read­ily avail­able at the mar­ket I’d eat them all the time.  My intro­duc­tion to ento­mophagy (eat­ing bugs) started as a kid con­sum­ing suck­ers and choco­late cov­ered insects from hot lix. What deter­mines if peo­ple eat insects or not? Pri­mar­ily cul­ture.  Com­pared with the […]


10 Tips for a Green Thanksgiving

  Hol­i­days are hardly known for being the eas­i­est times to lead an envi­ron­men­tally friendly lifestyle. There’s all the travel, the trash, and of course, the mass con­sumerism, all of which rack up a big car­bon foot­print and add to the prob­lem of waste man­age­ment in this coun­try. Thanks­giv­ing isn’t quite as bad as that […]

Compost Your Pumpkins

After you’ve fin­ished cel­e­brat­ing Hal­loween, com­post your jack-o-lanterns, instead of toss­ing them in the garbage (unless, of course, you are going to be turn­ing them into yummy pump­kin pie, muffins or even flan). Pump­kins, which of course are 100% nat­ural, will break down quickly as com­post in your yard, pro­vid­ing you with valu­able nutri­ents for […]

Company creates a desktop printer that doesn’t use ink nor paper


Paper is a huge waste of paper, and ink is a huge waste of money. The Pre­Peat printer could be a huger waste of money, but at least it doesn’t use paper or ink. Instead, you feed it spe­cial heat sen­si­tive plas­tic sheets and it uses a pre­ci­sion ther­mal head to print out gray scale […]

Hotel offers free meal to guests who are willing to generate electricity


The Crown Plaza Hotel in Copen­hagen, Den­mark, is offer­ing a free meal to any guest who is able to pro­duce elec­tric­ity for the hotel on an exer­cise bike attached to a gen­er­a­tor. Guests will have to pro­duce at least 10 watt hours of elec­tric­ity — roughly 15 min­utes of cycling for some­one of aver­age fitness. […]

A Swirling Green Roof Tops Nanyang Art School in Singapore


If art school was in our future we might opt to study under, or on top of, the amaz­ing green roof at the School of Art, Design and Media Nanyang Tech­no­log­i­cal Uni­ver­sity in Sin­ga­pore. This 5 story facil­ity sweeps a wooded cor­ner of the cam­pus with an organic, veg­e­tated form that blends land­scape and structure, […]

Disco pub gets electricity produced by people dancing at specially modified dance floor


All the flash­ing strobes and pound­ing speak­ers at the dance club are mas­sive con­sumers of elec­tri­cal power. So Bar Surya, in Lon­don, re-outfitted its floor with springs that, when com­pressed by dancers, could pro­duce elec­tri­cal cur­rent that would be stored in bat­ter­ies and used to off­set some of the club’s elec­tri­cal bur­den. The club’s owner, […]

300 Years of FOSSIL FUELS in 300 Seconds (Video)


Post Car­bon Insti­tute pro­vides indi­vid­u­als, com­mu­ni­ties, busi­nesses, and gov­ern­ments with the resources needed to under­stand and respond to the inter­re­lated eco­nomic, energy, envi­ron­men­tal, and equity crises that define the 21st cen­tury. We envi­sion a world of resilient com­mu­ni­ties and re-localized economies that thrive within eco­log­i­cal bounds.   Thanks Megan.    

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